Major, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Natural Minor

Piano Scales Fingering Chart - full colour with full size keys left hand right hand. Desk top practice. Notation and key signature. Correct fingering for left and right up and down scales.

These books are like having a teacher at home because they enable all the fingering and notes of two hands, similar motion scales to be learnt independently by a piano student not only quickly, but efficiently, correctly and possibly even enjoyably!

Ninety eight pages, full colour, quality paper, opens flat. Learning hands together scales has never been easier.
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Ellie's book has taken the pain out of learning even complicated scales that I used to struggle over for a very long time. I wish I had had this book years ago.
-- Adult piano student Anne

I can now play my exam scales correctly the first time rather than struggling and making mistakes all over the place. The green and red colours are a huge help puting hands together. Thank you Ellie!
-- Nineteen year old boy, Grade 6 piano student John

I was really worried about my scales because I couldn't learn them no matter how hard I tried. This book made finding each scale easy, and I surprised my mum the first time I sat down and was able to play my hardest scale correctly and with the right fingers.
-- Twelve year old girl, Alexi

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